Our fingerprint: knowhow, network, and capital.

Founded in 2013, ADYA is a Swiss investment boutique in the life sciences sector that provides strategic counseling and access to capital and offers a unique service to clients looking for investments.




Working globally and capturing future technological trends, ADYA focuses on strategic counseling, deal structuring, and capital raising. We target companies characterized by an innovative and technological fingerprint in life sciences and healthcare sectors.


Preservation and valorization of client values are key elements in ADYA’s work that operates in a trustable and highly confidential way.

ADYA offers a customized, open-minded approach, tailored on clients’ specific needs.

ADYA engages with projects that can achieve clear value from our services.



ADYA can provide a development management team whenever needed, a strategic counseling to increase company value and a tailored fundraising activity with a unique access to institutional and unconventional sources of capital.



ADYA offers an exclusive service to clients looking for investments and asset allocation in the healthcare sector where specific business knowledge is a key element to manage investment risk and optimize return on investment.



To support our customers decision process, ADYA offers unique and high-quality-content analysis and reports aiming at increasing the Company value.

Value Boosters

ADYA provides ad hoc team creation that can effectively convey clients’ value proposition
thanks to the worldwide and multidisciplinary ADYA network.

Our people impart experience of planning and execution of strategic development plans and a track record of successfully executed financial transactions (equity investments in private companies, pre-IPO deals and M&A).

Silvia Panigone

Silvia is CEO and founder of ADYA. With about 25 years’ experience and several Board positions, Silvia combines a profound understanding of corporate finance and private investments with a deep knowledge of drug development and diagnostics & devices R&D processes.

She has been appointed as COO (Chief Operating Officer) at NLS Pharmaceutics (NASDAQ:NLSP) since NLS listing at NASDAQ, where she set up the development team and drove the lead asset through IND approval and a successful Phase II in an high speed and cost containment.

She was former Managing Director at I-Bankers Direct, an equity funding web-platform and Advisor for I-Bankers Securities group, a US investment banking. She formerly served as Investment Director at BSI Healthcapital, a VC firm focused on life sciences and she was responsible for venture investments and for the set-up of clients’ dedicated vehicles in the Merchant division of a Swiss bank (BSI/EGF bank). She had a Board Seat in several US- and EU-based companies bringing a few of them up to an exit.

Senior Director at XoVenture, a global network of entrepreneurs in the Life Sciences and Start-Up Coach for the Swiss government (Innosuisse), Silvia acquired an extensive R&D experience, having served in operational and C-level positions in pharmaceutical companies – preclinical, clinical and business development in NLS (NASDAQ:NLSP), Bracco and Quintiles. She spent her first years as oncology researcher in Academia in Italy and the US.

She possesses a Molecular Biology degree, a Ph.D. in Molecular Oncology and EMBA from SDA Bocconi.

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